What Should I do with all this Dryer Lint my Dryer is Producing?

cleaning lint screen

Believe it or not dryer vent lint actually has some pretty reasonable uses. Below we have listed just a few. Be sure and ask your dryer vent cleaning company if you can have the lint when they are done. They may look at you funny, but why not recycle it. Keep a small basket next to your dryer. Each time you do load toss the lint in the basket. After about five loads you’ll have plenty.

  1.  Put Dryer Lint in the Compost. Help recycle your unwanted dryer lint by helping your garden to grow! Composts love dryer lint. Plus, you will be turning your lint into a plant or tree. This is great for the environment.
  2.  Make a Stuffed Toy. If making crafts is more your thing, try using your recycled lint to make a stuffed toy. Once you’ve finished your dryer vent cleaning, take that old lint and turn it into a cute teddy bear or doll. Dryer lint makes the perfect stuffing for children’s toys.
  3.  Turn Dryer Lint into Clay. You may not have realized it, but by adding just a little bit of flour and water, you can turn your unwanted lint into mold-able clay! What a fantastic way to turn your dryer lint into something fun and practical. Once you’ve mixed up the clay you will be able to make all sorts of ornaments and objects out of your unwanted dryer lint.
  4. Start a Fire. When used safely and correctly dryer lint is perfect for starting fires. In fact, that is a big reason why you need to perform regular dryer vent cleaning. Why not put your lint to good use by using it as fire starter for a bonfire or barbecue?
  5. Use Lint for Pet Nesting. You can recycle dryer lint by using it to pad the cages of your pets. Small animals such as rabbit and guinea pigs love to snuggle up in a big pile of lint. It keeps them snug and while keeping their cages perfectly lined. Dryer lint is very similar to the kind of pet nesting material that you pay money for in shops. Why not get some free nesting right out of your own dryer?

Hopefully you have discovered a few good ways to recycle your dryer lint. Next time you are doing your dryer vent cleaning, remember to keep the lint and put it to a practical use.