Below is a short list of some of the key terms involved in dryer vent cleaning. Our goal at Ventsmart is to educate people about the importance of proper dryer venting.

Dryer exhaust vent
This is the metal vent inside the wall. Over time your vent will
accumulate dryer lint restricting airflow.

Dryer vent transition tube
The tube that connects the dryer to the dryer vent. All metal material is recommended by all manufactures. Foil or plastic tubing present a
potential fire hazard.

Dryer vent exit
This is where you dryer vent leaves the building. Many times the exit is where the lint blockage starts to accumulate.

Rotary brush
This is the method of choice for cleaning most dryer vents. The brush travels the entire distance of the vent releasing lint from inside the exhaust pipe.

Dryer lint trap
Collects a large portion your dryer produces. Your dryer lint trap should be cleaned after every load. Fabric softeners leave a film on your trap making it less efficient. Scrub your screen with a brush and dawn detergent

Goose neck vent
The vent is located at a rooftop exit. The vent is designed to let the air escape while keeping water and critters out.

Dryer vent screen
Most all dryer vent exits come with a screen in place. If no one has taken this screen out you will have problems. Having a screen at your dryer vent exit is a code violation and should be removed.

Dryer vent kit
A dryer vent kit consists of two elbows and about 3 feet of flexible
4″ metal piping. In order for the kit to work properly both elbows have to swivel.

Dryer vent elbow
A metal elbow used to make 90 degree angles. Without using an elbow you will lengthen the distance from the wall.

Dryer vent clamp
Used to attach an elbow to a dryer or to the wall. Most clamps are 4.5 inches made out of stainless steel.

Digital anemometer
A device used to measure airflow. At Ventsmart we always take a reading of the airflow both before and after the dryer vent cleaning.

Steel braided water lines
Unfortunately manufactures skimp on the hoses they use to connect you washing machine. Most of the new washer hoses say right on the hose replace after five years. Stainless braided lines will last a lifetime.

Carbon monoxide
If you have a gas dryer a clean dryer vent is especially important. Carbon monoxide goes out of your house through the dryer vent. If your vent is plugged you’re at risk of being poisoned.

Crevice tool
This is a tool used to suck the lint from below your dryer’s lint trap. The tool is very narrow and flexible.

Foil transition
A flexible foil transition has the possibility of being crushed between the wall and the dryer. Almost all dryer have specific warnings against this type of transition. Sears named in dryer vent lawsuit.