VentSmart Warns Consumers About Dryer Related CO Poisoning

carbon monoxide detector

Over 2,000 Americans die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Most of these deaths are caused by the malfunction of common household appliances, such as furnaces, hot water heaters, dryers, and other gas-powered devices.

Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas. It’s odorless, colorless, and extremely toxic. Unless a homeowner has a carbon monoxide detector installed, this gas could kill an entire family before they know they are in danger. The early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are mild and include headache, nausea, and fatigue. These symptoms vary by individual, and become more severe as the period of exposure increases. Many individuals who are actually suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning mistakenly believe they are coming down with the flu. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, homeowners should follow all manufacturer guidelines for ventilating gas appliances. Gas dryers in particular should be used with caution. The owner of Tampa’s VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning states, “A gas dryer with a clogged dryer vent is something we see all time. Most people have no Idea how dangerous this can be.” If the vent of a gas dryer becomes clogged with lint, the appliance is not being ventilated properly. Carbon monoxide can leak into the home. If a home has energy-efficient windows and doors, the deadly gas will be trapped inside. To prevent carbon monoxide from posing a threat, it is crucial that homeowners receive regular dryer maintenance and install co2 detectors throughout your home.

For safety reasons, it is important that a gas dryer has a properly installed and air-tight vent. Over time, even a properly installed vent can become clogged with lint. Regular dryer cleaning ensures that a dryer functions safely. VentSmart dryer cleaning recommends yearly dryer duct cleaning in order to prevent both carbon monoxide poisoning and dryer fires. More than 15,000 dryer fires occur each year, and many of them occur due to a clogged dryer vent. Both dryer fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented if a homeowner takes the necessary precautionary measures. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, silent killer. Homeowners who use gas appliances should equip their home with carbon monoxide detectors, and have their dryer vent cleaned annually at a minimum.