VentSmart – Dryer Vent Cleaning of Clearwater

bbb_logoAt VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning Clearwater we are committed to educating Clearwater residents of the risks associated with an obstructed dryer vent. If you’re like most people you’ve never given your dryer vent much thought. This is a big mistake. Most home fires start in the dryer.

Unfortunately the screen on your dryer lets through a large amount of lint. This lint builds over time, and must be sucked out for your dryer to work efficiently. A couple of the warning signs your vent needs cleaning include:

  • Dryer taking more than one 50 min. timed cycle
  • Is the top of your dryer hot to the touch
  • Moisture and/or lint inside the dryer door
  • Excess lint left on your clothing

At VentSmart of Clearwater we have your solution to long dry times. Same day or next day service. Call right now and start saving money and time. $69-$99 most homes

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