Linteater Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Review


Cleaning out your dryer vent is one of your most important home maintenance tasks. If you allow the lint and dust in your dryer vent to accumulate, a spark from your dryer could cause this debris to ignite. This can lead to a deadly and damaging house fire. Periodically cleaning out your vent is an easy way to prevent this disaster from ever occurring.

There are many services that will go to your home and clean out your dryer vents for you. If you are on a tight budget and do not want to pay a service to clean out your dryer vent, the Linteater is one alternative. The Linteater is a dryer vent cleaning system, The kit comes with flexible rods, a rotating brush for cleaning the dryer lint trap, and an auger brush for cleaning the vent itself. The flexible rods contained allow you to clean your dryer vent, even if it curves. If your vent is longer you can buy extra rods to extend the auger brush’s reach. The Linteater system can be reused, so you can use it periodically in order to keep your vents safe and clean. This system can also be used to clean under appliances, baseboard heaters, gutter downspouts, and pellet stove vents.

Wayne Herr of VentSmart dryer vent cleaning of Tampa Bay states that he has used the kit and is satisfied that it does what it advertises. However, Herr emphasizes that Linteater is not a perfect product. It does not go in reverse so it is not as effective at removing lint as a professional service. Additionally, you will still need to manually clean the vent exit in order to remove lint that the brush cannot reach. Herr stated that removing the lint at the exit is an important part of the process and cannot be skipped. This may involve getting on your rooftop..