Does the Lint Lizard Really Work?

Lint lizard vacuum atachment

What is the Lint Lizard?

The Lint Lizard is a vacuum attachment designed for getting at those hard to reach places in your dryer. Consisting of a clear flexible plastic tube attached to a thicker solid plastic tube shaped to fit most vacuums. The primary use is to clean the lint from below your dryer’s lint screen. Over time lint accumulates in this area posing a substantial fire hazard. Over 15,000 dryer fires occur every year in the US alone.

What are the pros?

Fits most vacuums including the Shark, Dyson, and Rigid shop vacs. The narrowing nozzle enhances the strength of the attached vacuum. This item can also be used to clean behind your dryer and other hard to reach places. Attach to a shop vac and you can use it to syphon water. The best price I was able to find was on ebay for $11 shipped.

What are the cons?

The one inch diameter will be too big for some dryers. If the lint screen opening on your dryer is only ½ inch wide you may want to think twice before buying. The hose is a little deformed from being curled up in the box, but this can be remedied by throwing it in the dryer for a couple of minutes on high. The hose has a propensity to curl making it a little difficult to get where want it.


Keep your expectations in check. By nature a one inch vacuum hose will get clogged. Don’t panic just pull it off and unclog the hose. The Lizard can be a little difficult to maneuver, but overall performed as promised. Taking into account the vacuum attachment price and the limited choices in this category, I rate this product four stars out of five. Use in combination with a lint brush for enhanced effectiveness. This product is not a substitute for professional dryer vent cleaning but great for below the lint screen on many dryers.