Do Those Blue Dryer Balls Really Work?

blue dryer balls

Do those blue dryer balls really work?

You may be asking yourself what are dryer balls anyways. Dryer balls are plastic balls you throw into your dryer. They are designed to dry clothes faster and reduce static cling. A set of dryer balls will run you about five dollars on amazon. They’re billed as being a cheaper alternative to fabric softeners. You may not know this but many fabric softeners are actually quite toxic. They smell great but aren’t that good for you or your family.

How do they work?

Dryer balls separate big pieces of wet clothing and towels from bunching together throughout the cycle. The balls get in-between towels and clothing, acting as a physical buffer so more hot air is allowed to circulate between each individual item in the dyer. The more hot hair circulating, the faster the water will evaporate out of the dryer.

What people are saying?

Online ratings for this product average around four stars. For the most part people are pretty happy. They do seem to dry your clothes faster and reduce static cling. One of the complaints I saw multiple times is that they do make some noise. It also seems that over time they get harder and the sound gets louder. Overall the consensus online is good.

What we think?

They do seem to work as advertised, but anything making more noise can be a problem especially if you have a napping child. The latest version out now are made of wool. They don’t make any added noise and are considered a healthy petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls. The more toxins you can remove from your home the better. Dryer balls truly are a greener alternative.