VentSmart – Dryer Vent Cleaning Land O’ Lakes

bbb_logoAt VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning Land O’ Lakes we are warning residents about the risks associated with a dryer vent full of lint. Most people never give their dryer vent much thought until something breaks or even worse. Here’s how it happens. Over time your dryer vent gathers lint that gets past your lint screen. If this lint isn’t sucked out regularly you will have problems. Some of the signs your dryer may need cleaning include:

  • Is the top surface of your dryer hot to the touch
  • Moisture or lint gathered inside the door
  • Clothes take more than one cycle to dry
  • Less than 10 mph of airflow at your exit

At VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning of Land O’ Lakes we have your solution to long dry times. Same day or next day service in most cases. Call right now and get your dryer vent safe and efficient. $69-$99 most homes

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