VentSmart Delivers Dryer Vent Cleaning in Brandon, FL

Residents can rely on VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning Brandon Florida to get their dryers running more efficiently. We are a BBB accredited business with zero complaints and an A+ rating. The fact is dryers produce an amazing amount of lint. This lint gathers in your dryer’s exhaust vent causing your dryer to take longer. Left unchecked could result in a dryer fire.

Warning signs you may have a restricted dryer vent

  • The top of your dryer is hot to the touch
  • A timed cycle takes over 50 minutes to dry a load
  • Moisture accumulating inside the dryer door
  • A musty smell on your clothes after drying
  • Dust in your home that you can’t explain

At VentSmart we snake your vent with a rotary brush while extracting the lint at the same time. Prices range from $69-$99 (most homes) Don’t wait call now!

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